We want to be the engine of a successful digital transformation of our customers and partners.
We want to fill the gaps of usability and simplicity in B2B relationships creating new integrated digital customer experiences.


    LendingPlace is our brand new digital platform which enables SMEs to easily and quickly obtain an advance on their invoices and on certified receivables from the Public Administration from banks, through a fully digital process.

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    Digital customer experiences have made companies able to collect huge amounts of information; however, without effective Analytics tools, it’s not easy to convert data into actionable insights. Our Data Analytics and Scenario Planning solutions help managers extract reliable strategies from numbers, providing them with effective visualisation of relationships among data and powerful simulation tools.

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    Leveraging our pluriennal experience in system integration and process automation within the banking, manufacturing and automotive industries, we’ve developed Kubox: the ultimate integration platform that enables value added innovation.

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    In an ever-connected ecosystem we are witnessing the dematerialization of everything, with information available in real time on any device. With our Physical Storage, Digitization, legally compliant Digital Archiving and Document Management systems and solutions, we help businesses shift to a paperless model and benefit from more secure and integrated document management processes.

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  • EASY

    Mobile ready and cloud based. Our frictionless solutions ensure timely information accessible everywhere.

    Automated processes and activities increase efficiency while reducing errors and costs.
  • OPEN

    Kubox modularity and APIs are fuel for customization.

What makes us different

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  • Obsession for customer experience

    Disruptive opportunities emerge when companies put customers, not technology first. That’s why we prefer to be customer service focused rather than tech focused.
  • Design Thinking methods

    Our approach to product and service design is iterative and built around empathy with the customer, in order to catch insights on what he really wants and values.
  • Blue Ocean Strategy approach

    We’re committed to sistematically look for emergent innovation opportunities for our customers, by going beyond their markets’ boundaries and identifying new ucontested spaces.
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