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Our aim is to play a game-changing role in the digital transformation of banks and SMEs, by reimaging their collaboration thanks to innovative services and platforms. In order to achieve this goal, we continue to attract and retain talented and motivated people.

We undertake every project with passion and energy, fueled by a creative environment and driven by a culture of continuous self-improvement.
We strongly believe that small improvements over time lead to stunning results and for this reason, day by day we’re all given the chance to grow both as individuals and as professionals, thanks to challenging goals and projects.

  • Our Philosophy

    1. "Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude" Ralph Marston
    2. Shift from victimhood into outright leadership of yourself, your performance and your results
    3. Every problem is an opportunity to generate better solutions Problems promote creativity, you just have to see things from different points of view
    4. Shift from doing a job to working a craft: commit to be the best in the world in what you do
    5. Know how to wow: give your customer 10x the value they expect at every touchpoint of the user experience
  • What we offer

    Working at Kubique gives you the opportunity to join a dynamic team and work in an inspiring environment which promotes creativity at every level of the organization. Our teams are composed of people with diverse personalities and complementary professional backgrounds. We provide training, development programs, spaces, methods and tools conceived to allow people reach their highest potential and actively contribute to the Mission of the organization.
  • What we are looking for

    We welcome talented people who show curiosity, ability to listen, proactivity and creativity and who demonstrate flexibility and desire to get involved. We appreciate those who tend to “think out of the box”.
    If you share our philosophy and our values, join us!

Job opportunities

Full Stack Developer IT Enterprise Level Projects Rome 14th  April 2017