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With support from Kubique’s engineering, system integration and service design experts, as well as outside partners, we work with financial institutions and companies in fields as diverse as logistics, automotive and manufacturing to build satisfying digital experiences.

Innovation By Design

  • Companies traditionally work in "red ocean"conditions, fighting against each other for a share of the marketplace and delivering incremental improvements to the best mainstream customers. By following the Blue Ocean Strategy approach instead, we encourage our clients to focus less on their competitors and more on alternatives, and to observe customers at the bottom of the market in order to spot new growth opportunities. In fact leaving behind low-profit businesses can sometimes open the door to disruptors.

    Blue Ocean Strategy
  • For the development of our products and services we usually apply the Desing Thinking creative approach. We start with a deep understanding of customers’ unmet or latent needs by immersing ouselves in their real-world activities. We then make sense of the insights we’ve gathered and generate possible solutions via a structured method. We then use the rapid-prototyping approach to develop simple prototypes and have them tested by real customers. The final step consists in refining prototypes and bringing final solutions to life. Customers are involved in each phace of the process.

    Design Thinking

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