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Go paperless!

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Do you have the visibility you need into your everyday business processes? Are you able to access the right information when you need it and in the right form? Do you happen to lose relevant documents?

Digitize your paper documents so they’re available anytime, anywhere, on your existing systems!

Enhance workflow, improve your bottom line and operate more efficiently with our integrated document management solutions, that will help you eliminate redundancies, wait times and compliance risks.

Our customers have already migrated invoices, account books, contracts, transport documents and VAT records to a digital system. Now it’s your turn!

Integrated Document Management Services

  • Digital Conversion

    With conversion experience across multiple industries and advanced OCR and ICR tools, we cover the entire process of classification, scan and indexing of documents. Digital files can then be directly sent to our integrated cloud-based storage system.
  • Document Management System

    Document management systems transform how you manage information in your company. Our systems are cloud-based and mobile-ready and can be integrated with companies’ ERPs and payments systems. Documents are stored on servers located in Italy and are subject to the Itaian low on data protection.
  • Legally-compliant e-Archiving “Kcos”

    Kcos helps Italian companies to comply with legal requirements by allowing them to replace paper documents that are to be stored for several years with equivalent digital files, which are "stuck" in the form, content and time through digital signature and time stamp.
  • Electronic Invoicing

    All our services can be integrated with market-leading E-invoicing platforms of our partners. Thanks to this integration, companies and Financial Institutions can get rid of paper by dematerializing seller and buyer invoices, obtain time and costs-savings on invoice processing- especially regarding invoices to Public Sector- and improve relationships with suppliers and customers.
  • Easily archive and back up your company's paper documents by storing them in our 24x7 CCTV camera monitored off-site facilities! Outsourcing your document storage will create more space for you and for your employees! Contact us and book a visit to our storage site!

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