Kubox Platform

Enabling Innovation through integration 

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Leveraging our pluriennal experience in system integration and process automation within the banking, manufacturing and automotive industries, we’ve developed the cloud-based platform Kubox.
Kubox consolidates companies’ systems and our applications into one central hub, allowing the development of new Enterprise-level solutions.

The value of integration

Kubox offers a single point of configuration with modular interfaces to other applications so that: information is easily shared among parties, processes are integrated and streamlined, and business collaboration is boosted as a result.

Break down “silos” and barriers.
Seamless and fast is the new normal.

Kubox’s architecture

facilitates the integration of hetergeneous platforms and the consolidation of different business systems.

  • Integration layers

    Via Data Connectors and the Integration Layers, Kubox enables the integration of the most disperate systems: legacy applications, Directory Services (LDAP), ERPs, social tools etc. When required, the Business Process module allows complete automation of activities and processes within organizations, or the creation of brand new worlflows thanks to the Service Module. Each system operation is traced via the Log Module.
  • Tracking tools

    Kubox Platform is equipped with a central audit and monitoring functionality that the administration team can access to constantly check operations and performance.