Supply Chain Finance Services
LendingPlace Platform

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Our solutions aim to solve the main collaborative issues regarding B2B collaboration: processes automation, easy access to finance via intuitive tools and streamlined relationships with customers and suppliers.

The first Invoice Financing Platform built around digital collaboration

Integrated Supply Chain Finance Services

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  • Invoice Financing Online

    An innovative platform that helps banks finance SMEs’ accounts receivables from businesses and from the Public Administration. We have designed LendingPlace thanks to insights collected from observations and interviews conducted with real end-users, such as people working inside administration departments and bank employees who usually deal with invoice financing practices. The result is a user-friendly solution that offers a totally digital process: the advance request is submitted via electronic signatures and approved via PEC; all documents are dematerialized and can be submitted to legally compliant archiving; the invoices and related documents can be checked by all the involved players in real time thanks to a shared digital repository.
  • Integration with Banking Systems and with Electronic Invoicing

    LendingPlace Platform can be fully integrated with all the systems used by banks. These include those systems which connect banks with the official Platform for the certification of receivables from the Public Administration (i.e. P.C.C.) and the Electronic Invoicing Platform provided by our partners. In addition to streamlining employees’ experience, this integration has a tremendous positive effect on risk mitigation for banks.
  • Supply Chain Financing

    LendingPlace Platform also enables companies to collaborate by integrating their order-to-payment cycles. Thanks to this integration, access to credit is hugely simplified along each step of the Supply Chain.